Variety Interview: Tatiana Maslany [x]

Variety: What advice would you offer to an actor starting out now?

Tatiana: For me it’s staying with that sense of play. Enjoying it. Taking Meisner, dance classes, singing, everything that can fill you up and inform your art from a different perspective. Writing with your friends. Creating parts for yourself. Just continue to push yourself, and enjoy that struggle. That comes down to you, too, to know to go with your gut and trust yourself, because you are going to be told no. Which is the best thing. You have to be prepared to make a total fool of yourself. Repeatedly.

You know the mythology of Leda and the swan? Zeus, the big guy of the gods, he comes down from Mount Olympus in the guise of a swan and he gets it on with this human queen called Leda. They have twins and the kids are half-human, half-God. Weird, right?

This industry is quite difficult in terms of the demands it puts on people to be a certain way. I don’t envy kids who were put into the spotlight very young. You don’t know yourself yet. You’re growing up in a world that’s a little warped. It’s important to put things in perspective and realize we’re just playing make believe. We’re not saving lives, and we’re not the most important people on the planet. I’m glad I did this job for 20 years before anything blew up.